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We are a Naples salon driven to surpass expectations by providing a beautiful, relaxing environment with highly trained professionals capable of bringing the look you love to life.  At Organic Edge Salon of Naples FL, we work hard to make sure our clients receive the experience they deserve.  Our staff is dedicated to delivering an experience to brag about.  All of our stylists are current with the latest trends in hair coloring and hair cuts.  You can find our salon stylist bios below If you would like to read more about their individual specialties or view their individual portfolios by clicking on the stylist you would like to see.  We take our industry very seriously, as we know you take the outcome of a service at our salon.  Our beauty salon offers services including hair coloring, cuts, keratin treatments, hair removal and more.

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Natural Hair Salon Products and Sustainability – Beauty Salon Goals


Organic Edge Salon was started with purpose.  Providing a pleasant work environment where like-minded artists can be creative and enjoy doing what they do best, is what we do best.  Avoiding harmful chemicals is difficult in the beauty salon industry.  For this reason, Organic Edge Salon chooses products we carry very carefully.  This is why we have chosen Davines for all of our color and styling needs. Organic Edge Salon carries products that were selected as alternatives to products containing sulfates, parabens, PPD’s, GMO’s, and artificial colors and fillers.  Instead, our products are highly composed of plant based, natural ingredients.  As a team, we appreciate an active role in our community and participate as a group in events that the stylists take a special interest in.  Finally, sustainability is a focus at our salon.  Environmentally friendly products, recycling, minimizing electricity use and paper waste are goals that we continually strive to progress.


All of the stylists at Organic Edge Salon have joined the team because of their desire to work in an environment that is an alternative to traditional hair salons.  Every individual on our team brings not only their own individual strengths and experience, but the rounded education and skill-set required to continually impress.  Stylists at our beauty salon work in a collaborative effort to be sure the client is always getting exactly what they want or advised a path to achieve the desired look.   Most importantly, the entire staff at Organic Edge Salon are professionals and it is an expectation of ours that clients love.


Since it’s founding in 1983 in Parma, Italy, Davines has become a worldwide recognized brand and leader in beauty and sustainability.  Every product formulated, designed and produced by Davines is obtained with 100% clean energy.  Products from Davines, carried at Organic Edge Salon are cruelty-free, PPD, paraben, and artificial color and filler-free.


We work hard to make sure that the client experience at our Naples salon is one to be remembered.  After your first appointment is set, be-it from online-booking, text, phone call or email, clients can expect to receive an email confirming the date and time of their appointment.  The day prior to an appointment, you will receive a text from our salon coordinator to confirm the appointment (unless otherwise confirmed).  On arrival, a client intake form helps us better assess your current state and your beauty needs.  Expect refreshments, a pleasant, well trained stylist, scalp and hand massage, hot towel, and aromatherapy during your experience at Organic Edge Salon.  We look forward to hearing about client’s experiences at the salon through online reviews and we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

What To Expect
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Because You Deserve It

Who Am I?

Kerry Stewart – Level 3 Hair Stylist

I’ve been living my life long dream as a cosmetologist since 2008. I started out using basic principles of hairdressing and later on evolved in the cutting end of the industry. I’ve learned several color lines over the years and attended numerous workshops and hair shows. In the past I’ve worked with highly successful cosmetologists and have had the pleasure of training eight driven hair stylists myself in 2013 at the Naples Academy of Beauty. I have experience with fashion shows, wedding parties, and event updos.  Within recent years I have adapted to all natural color lines and products. I personally favor organic options especially hair coloring, and I prefer my clients, and myself to have as little exposure to chemicals as possible.  Davines’ product line produces amazing results.  Vibrant colors, revitalizing moisturizers, and more.  These are not only a healthy alternative, they look beautiful!

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Some of my highlights

My highest accomplishment is also an experience that I learned quite a bit from. I’ve had an opportunity to teach a classroom of stylists how to provide exceptional service for clients. Having trained coloring, cutting, styling and more and to see my students grow and become the professionals they are today as a result has been an experience I won’t forget.
When booking your first appointment to the salon we like to send our clients information on how to get to the salon in a welcoming email or text. Upon arrival, there are a variety of beverages available to the client while we have a thorough consultation. During your visits to the hair salon you will experience aromatherapy, scalp massage with a hot towel and a hand massage for a relaxing experience to remember.
While I enjoy performing all services in the salon I specialize in dimensional color. I find that dimensional color helps keep hair looking natural and gives it a fuller look. With the Davines color line you are in store for healthy and shiny looking hair with no scent while processing. The finishing products of this line leave your hair smelling amazing and refreshing.
Some of My Most Recent Work Is Featured Below
I’ll continue to update My Portfolio as Organic Edge Salon continues to grow!
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Who Am I?

Ryan Sugg – Level 2 Hair Stylist

I started my hair styling career at the age of 18, eager to learn more about my life long passion. I’ve trained under many color specialists in my career so far and have had the pleasure of working with stylists such as Robert Chromeans and Kelly Cardenas. I have had extensive experience with all hair types and I am confident in my skills. I would love to use my passion for perfection to help anyone that comes to Organic Edge Salon love their hair more than ever before.

Some of My Most Recent Work Is Featured Below
I’ll continue to update My Portfolio as it continues to grow!
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Some of my highlights

My training began at Paul Mitchell School and I have since traveled as far as Las Vegas to attend numerous color, cutting, and styling classes with amazing and talented instructors. I continue to grow by constantly keeping up with new trends and continuing education.
During my hairstyling career I was selected as a Paul Mitchell future professional to attend Caper, a national educational event in Las Vegas. I was also offered an advanced apprenticeship at a well renouned salon in SWFL. I have extensive experience in many color lines and look forward to introducing you to a healthier hair lifestyle with our all natural product and color line.
As a stylist, I believe that an essential part of beautiful hair is the color. I specialize in ombre hair coloring, foil placement techniques, and custom cuts and styles. Whether its for a wedding or just a casual evening I love to create the perfect look. I have had extensive training that has taught me to know how to help each and every person find the right color and cut for their complexion and face shape. I look forward to welcoming the SWFL community to come and experience the difference at Organic Edge salon.

Who Am I?

Annabell Rodriguez – Level 2 Hair Stylist

I am a hairstylist who puts my heart into all my guests.  I love making them feel and look there best. Growing up in Naples I have always had a passion for the hair and fashion industry.  In 2010 I turned my passion into a career and have continued to love everything about it.  I am very attentive to my guest’s needs and an expert in creating looks that balance their lifestyles.  I take pride in understanding and communicating with each guest to achieve their desired look.

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Some of my highlights

I attended school in 2009 and graduated in 2010 from Immokalee Technical College.  I started my training at a Goldwell salon in Naples where I learned their color line, new haircutting trends and color application techniques.  I have also worked with Aveda and Redken color and products. I’ve had the opportunity to assist in many hair and fashion shows – which are always fun. I enjoy continuing my education by taking classes and attending the hair show to stay up to date with the latest trends.

I was one of the first students to graduate and at the top of my class.  I also won an award for second place on a hair show hosted at our school.  While I was still in hair school I had the opportunity to shadow a well known hair designer who taught me a lot about working in a salon.  He was very direct and professional.  It was a great experience for me and I definitely learned valuable real-world experience.  Of the things that I learned from him, the most valuable was learning how to do the  prefect blow out.

I love everything about being a hair stylist.  There is nothing better than loving what you do professionally.  What I enjoy the most is all color projects especially dimensional colors, ombre, balayage, highlighting lowlights, natural, bright funky colors and corrective colors.  I specialize in long/short layered haircuts and blow-dry’s.

Some of My Most Recent Work Is Featured Below
I’ll continue to update My Portfolio as it continues to grow!
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Who Am I?

Ashley Denham-Everett – Level 1 Hair Stylist

I am a passionate hair stylist who hails from the Heart of Dixie-Alabama. Us Southerners love our beauty products, and I got into the industry because I was always the one trying something with my hair and had friends asking me to get them ready for special events. Every little thing about hair thrills me to pieces, even just the way a nice layered cut moves in a light breeze, or how subtle highlights glisten in the sun. I love and am proud to create these looks!

Some of My Most Recent Work Is Featured Below
I’ll continue to update My Portfolio as it continues to grow!
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Some of my highlights

I am trained in both Vidal Sassoon and Aveda concept cutting techniques. I am forever seeking out new opportunities to learn, grow and further my cosmetologist career. Organic Edge Salon offers a lot of continuing education and I participate in each class eager to learn what’s new and how to push my self out of my comfort zone. So I look forward to giving you the newest techniques on the market and giving you that look you’ve been craving to boost your confidence.

I am in love with any highlighting techniques whether they are subtle or bold. Although my favorite is a hand painting technique that I have mastered a nice soft balayage. I enjoy the process and the end result of transforming someone hair.

I am happy to be using my skills that I have acquired the last few years with my group of fellow stylists. I look forward to our continuing education program and take pride in building my future portfolio with beautiful hair like yours!

Who Am I?

Jessica Vella – Level 1 Hair Stylist

I have been at Organic Edge Salon since 2017. I have been furthering my career with the help of all the Organic Edge Staff. I have been an assistant/apprentice for the company for over a year now and I am excited to work as a stylist with the company now that I’ve mastered my craft. I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in hairstyling when I found how awesome it can be to make someones day so much better by showing them how much potential they have and how much of a difference the perfect hair style can make.

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Some of my highlights

I am originally from Asheville N.C. and have been with Organic Edge Salon since my arrival to Florida in 2017. I received my Cosmetology degree from Asheville-Bumcombe Technical Community College in 2014.

I specialize in coloring and blow-drys. I have taken numerous classes on balayage, different color techniques and product knowledge with our company and have been trained personally by the owner. I have been working with the line that we carry and mastering the color system for the past year. I love the blow-dry process because I get to see the beautiful results I’ve created with the finished look. I am very dedicated to my clients satisfaction and strive for perfection with every client.

My highest accomplishment is finishing 2nd in the Haywood Community College cosmetology competition. As an up-and-coming stylist, I strive to understand the needs of my clients and to have a personal connection to each and everyone of them. I enjoy working here at Organic Edge and hope that I can hone my skills the longer I stay here.
Some of My Most Recent Work Is Featured Below
I’ll continue to update My Portfolio as it continues to grow!
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